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I have been lucky to work within the fitness industry for over a decade as a Personal Trainer, Lecturer in Fitness Health and Exercise, Yoga Instructor, specialising in ante and post natal care, and KGH birth educator.  My time working in the wellness space has taught me incredible lessons in the importance and simplicity of movement and breath to support the demands of life. Put simply, nurturing our mind and body is key throughout life.


Pre & Post Natal

Pre and post natal wellness has been my passion since long before having my own children. My experience and knowledge in exercise and yoga allow me to offer a unique and holistic service that will empower and educate you during pregnancy and beyond. I aim to create valuable opportunities for self-care, preparing your mind and body for labour and post-birth. One to one and group sessions should leave you feeling healthy, strong and part of a community.

I'm a qualified KGH Hypnobirthing practitioner, offering simple, effective antenatal education. I support women to feel confident in their birthing body, informed about their choices and excited to give birth. Absolute bliss! In pre and post natal care I hold a Yoga Alliance approved 85 hour intensive qualification, in addition to holding an RYT 200 qualification in Seasonal Yoga. In exercise, I'm qualified in Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Exercise and have over 15 years experience working in this area.  I've also been through the wonderful journey of birthing a singleton and twins myself and now love the challenge of keeping my mind and body fit around the demands of being a Mummy.


In yoga, I guide you to tune into what the mind and body need according to the changing patterns and energies of the seasons. Expect to breathe, bend and flow whilst enjoying subtly elevated postures to strengthen the often neglected bits of our body. Let's sweat a little, laugh a little and hopefully learn something new.


Your first pregnancy is full of unknowns- you never know how you’re going to feel one day to the next. Sarah made me feel like ‘me’ the whole way through. 


I was sick of hearing people say that you shouldn’t train when you’re pregnant. I’d been training solidly 3-4 times a week for 5 years before, so yes I understood that it would have to change but I wasn’t prepared to stop altogether. Then I found Sarah. She was genuinely my shining light through 9 months of baby belly growth! I left every session feeling empowered and back to ‘me’.  Her knowledge about how my body was changing was insane, and I never felt anything but safe in her experienced hands. She knew how I trained before so created a programme specifically for me- pushing me where she knew she could and adapting exercises the bigger my belly got!


9 months pregnant and I was fitter and stronger than I thought I would be. I will without a doubt be back should Jack be lucky enough to have a wee brother or sister one day.


Sarah’s not just a phenomenal trainer; she’s also an absolutely lovely person. An hour with her makes anyone genuinely happier.





Sarah has been an outstanding coach and we are both incredibly grateful for all of her time, support and effort.

I feel so empowered and positive about my upcoming birthing experience. I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did.


We now both feel so much more knowledgable and prepared for our upcoming birthing experience. I feel much calmer, more self assured and content in my own knowledge of birth.


We have also both benefited from including hypnobirthing practises into our daily routine.

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