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Bump & Beyond Antenatal Yoga




Week 1 - Body awareness & safe movement

Week 2 - Finding connection through yoga

Week 3 - Building strength for the journey ahead

Week 4 - Birth Preparation (Positions & breath work for labour & birth)

Each 1 hour Antenatal Yoga class supports your mind & body through movement, breath work and relaxation. Classes offer an opportunity to connect with your baby, feel educated & empowered about pregnancy & birth.


While each class has a specific focus, every session includes:

  • Mindful movement

  • A balance of strength & mobility

  • Breath work

  • Pelvic floor exercises

  • Posture work

  • Spinal, hip & shoulder mobility

  • Guided relaxation


  • On finishing the course you will receive a recording of the birth preparation class for you to replay & practice (an absolute MUST).

  • You will also receive a pelvic floor for pregnancy education tutorial where Sarah briefly explains the pelvic floor, its role in pregnancy & birth & guides you through exercises to be followed during the rest of your pregnancy.

  • You will be added to the Bump & Beyond WhatsApp group with other expecting Mums. This offers a safe space for discussion about pregnancy & birth as well as the opportunity to be part of a growing community. Sarah offers regular input & advice to further support you in your journey.  

  • You will receive a voice recording from Sarah guiding you through a Yoga Nidra for relaxation & sleep. Yoga Nidra is an incredibly powerful guided relaxation known as ‘conscious sleep’.


Note that a birth ball, yoga block (or similar, such as large books or a firm cushion), cushion & blanket are beneficial to have with you at each session.

The class is suitable for all stages of pregnancy but it is recommended that you wait until around 10 weeks before commencing.

Bend with Baby



This course is designed to empower and strengthen Mum both physically and mentally.  It offers an excellent opportunity to enhance the connection with baby and improve both of your wellbeing. Sarah uses yoga and breath work to support you in regaining physical control, strengthening the mind and body and helping develop babies coordination, motor skills and communication.

What to expect over the 4 week course? 

Classes involve a combination of time focussed on mum, time focussed on baby and time moving together. All sessions (in person or online) are entirely baby led offering a relaxed environment to take part in as much (or as little) of sessions as you like, or baby allows.  

Week 1 - Mummy's posture 

Helping to soothe tight shoulders, lengthen the spine and open the chest

Week 2 - Core engagement

A gentle core strengthener and back opener

Week 3 - Lively legs 

Firing up the lower body to support you through motherhood

Week 4 - Full body flow

Beautifully bringing everything together

Every week the baby section is similar, allowing them to become comfortable, build muscle memory and help you to repeat movements in your own time with them.


  • You will receive a post natal pelvic floor education tutorial where Sarah briefly explains the pelvic floor, its role in the post natal period & guides you through some basic exercises to support this crucial group of muscles.

  • You will be added to the Bend with Baby WhatsApp group.  A network of new Mums that offer an opportunity to chat, ask questions, moan, organise meet ups, and generally support one another in navigating this wonderful but often overwhelming time. As a new Mum herself, Sarah offers regular input & advice to further support you in your journey.  

Note that you should wait until 6 weeks post natal following a vaginal delivery and 12 weeks following a C-section to take part. It is always recommended that you have had your 6 week post natal health check up also.



Hypnobirthing is simple, effective antenatal education! The aim of the course is to help you feel confident in your birthing body, informed about your choices and excited to give birth. The back bone of the course is a selection of empowering tools and techniques to help you work with your body and have a positive and fulfilling birth experience.

I look forward to working with you during this magical time!

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