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Group Perinatal Prep Course

This all encompassing group course offers pregnant people & their birth partners the opportunity to prepare for labour, birth & beyond to the 4th trimester.


Using robust, evidence based knowledge & effective breathing & relaxation techniques, I support you to feel confident about birth, whatever course it takes. By building self-trust, I aim to help you understand your birthing body, feel empowered to  ask questions & able to disconnect & let go in labour.


The course includes my complete Hypnobirthing content as well as antenatal yoga & guest input from other industry professionals including Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Rosie Davies & Post Natal Doula, Jamie Lee.


The course consists of 10 hours content delivered over 3xZoom sessions (2x 4hr & 1x 2hr). It is suitable at any time in pregnancy although recommended after 12 weeks and before 36-38 weeks.

Group Perinatal Prep Course

    • 3x group sessions on Zoom
    • WhatsApp group support 

    • Antenatal Yoga recording

    • Guided relaxations

    • Bonus content from expert guests Rosie Davies, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist & Jamie-Lee, Post Natal Doula

    • Calming aromatherapy blend from YogiOils to compliment your hypnobirthing practice & support your mindset

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